The mission

Through the use of technologies, we can achieve higher quality & immediate customer service.

Keep up to date training and technical updates on new products and also new technological applications.

Complete customer consulting and technical support throughout the collaboration.

Real time monitoring of the supply chain aiming of immediate availability .

Maintain & create partnerships with the worldwide best suppliers in order to deliver the highest quality products and services.

Marketing products directly to professional farmer, for the benefit of our affiliate network.

The vision

To be the reference point in the agricultural sector for new technologies and applications of smart solutions to increase productivity environmentally friendly.

The facilities

Since 1992 the group has been based in privately owned facilities in Kalochori, Thessaloniki, with 400sqm offices and 5000sqm warehouses. It trades and represents more than 150 companies abroad and supplies over 20000 codes to more than 3000 active clients in Greece and the Balkans.


1974 1974 Konstantinos Kechidis begins his long-standing career in the field of Agricultural Components and Machinery as a salesman in the company Technoagra. 1978 1978 He continues as a salesman and executive in the company D. Roukas & Co. 1980 1980 Becomes a partner and commercial manager at AME SA 2002 2002 He, together with his son Chariton Kechidis, founded H.Kechidis Ltd., under the distinctive title PROMEX, with the object of importing and trading agricultural equipment and machinery. Company's goal is to expand its client base in Greece and abroad, to expand and promote overseas delegations with the ultimate goal of leadership in the field. 2004 2004 He establishes K.Kechidis IKE company with a focus on agricultural accessories and a wide range of industrial and commercial items. 2006 2006 His son Theodosios comes from abroad to support the family effort. It takes over the supplies department. During the same period, Harris takes over the sales department (and his father's areas.) 2010 2010 The group expands and the family establishes Kechidi Bros OE, a company that deals with the marketing of pellet-based heating products. 2016 2016 After more than 40 years of career in the field, Konstantinos Kehidis passes away and leaves the management of the group to his sons. 2017 2017 PROMEX KECHIDIS organizes a successful event and announces to its partners the new marketing and networking policy. Today The aim of the company is a Healthy Business and continuous development in a world where demands are constantly increasing. The purpose of the company is to become the point of reference in new technologies and applications for optimal customer service. TODAY

The team

Aggelos Gkalis

Sales consultant

+30 6932.456878