The revolution in picking”

🔺 It’s an extremely professional equipment, distinguished by the GRST range. The 3-point joint gives the machine a perfect track on the ground thanks to the stabilizers.

🔺 It has a slow peripheral rotation to ensure the integrity of the harvest.

🔺 The drive shaft is fitted with ratchets to protect the conical gear from abrupt impacts.

🔺 The working width extends to 4m with a total weight of 480kg.

🔺 The wheel shaft has a wide track width with the tires close to the pickup springs so that they follow the machine’s course.

🔺 In addition, the wheel shaft has a rotating wheel adjustment for a perfect result.

🔺 It’s easy to transport by road as with a simple pin, the arms are extracted and positioned in the appropriate positions in the frame with the transport width of 2m.

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