Since 1980, ABAC offers the right mix of flexibility and experience for the professional and DIY compressed air markets.

The new ABAC piston portfolio offers you plenty of opportunities to maximize your market potential, based on an extended product portfolio, powerful add-ons and services for a successful sales journey to reach satisfied customers. Reliable and innovative products spread out over three different comfort levels generate an offer so varied, a perfect fit with the customers’ needs is bound to be found. Check out the new LINE, PRO and SILENT ranges, or go to the piston overview page. Also, don’t miss out on the ABAC screw compressor offer. Whenever continuous air flow is needed, ABAC screw compressors are a safe investment. ABAC screw compressors are silent, 30% more efficient than piston compressors and offer you a much longer lifetime thanks to less vibration and fewer moving parts. Robustness and reliability are key with the new generation, providing you full peace of mind!

From state-of-the-art production facilities straight to your business via thousands of distributors in more than 100 countries worldwide, ABAC provides you with plug & play air solutions with a quality label. We deliver trouble free workmates, both piston as well as screw compressors, which are always available and ready to use. Join today thousands of convinced customers operating millions of ABAC compressors worldwide.