“The future of automatic navigation”

ARAG POLARIS automatic navigation system with assistance is an innovation that automates driving on straight and curved routes, when connected to Bravo 400S & Delta 80 precision computers respectively. Provides immediate course correction response combined with high accuracy. During the design phase, special attention was paid to safety by adopting cutting-edge solutions for both the product and its software.


  • Reduces missed and overlapping areas.
  • Allows time, fuel and chemical savings.
  • Easy installation.
  • Requires less effort from the operator and allows focus on the spray.
  • The system includes a control panel that includes: emergency button, power button and status LED.
  • The supplied wiring allow easy and secure connection of all system components.
  • Input for operator presence sensor.
  • Self-monitoring system.
  • Screen with deviation history diagram for easier adjustment operation.


• Movable transmission to avoid slipping due to slipping and for greater accuracy.
• Does not prevent driving in manual mode.
• A torque sensor that automatically shuts off automatic driving when the operator must manually control the vehicle.
• No need to remove and / or replace the steering wheel.
• Various installation kits are available for the most common tractors and self-propelled machines.
• Can be easily and quickly transported from one vehicle to another.


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