♻️It is a valuable solution against parasitic plants and fungi by avoiding the use of chemicals. By burning, it creates only steam and carbon dioxide. It leaves no harmful substances in the soil. The principle on which this technique is based is the boiling of parasitic plant tissues. The temperature transmitted to the lymphocytes produces a sharp expansion of the cell plasma causing the outer membrane to rupture. In other words, this technique does not burn the parasitic plants. It immediately measures its use, the plants show a difference in texture and the color of the leaves becomes more intense. The way and speed with which the work is followed determines the cost of execution. These depend on the growth of the parasites but also on the type of surgery that needs to be done. The impact on the environment is negligible with negligible cost estimates.♻️

Uses & applications of ecological pesticide in Vineyards & Trees

This technique can be used in different ways and with different machines in fruits as well as vines or kiwis. The method of surgery, the speed with which it is performed and its cost depend on two things: the development of the parasites and the type of surgery that needs to be achieved. The indicative speed of use of the machines can be from 3 to 5 km per hour with a gas consumption of about 20 kg per hour

The different applications of this technique are:
▶️“sterilization” operations of the rest of the pruning in the soil to eradicate the fungi
▶️Transplantation of plants

The components for meeting the different needs are also of different type in relation to the environmental problems and the peculiarities of the crops, such as for example the different opening of the rows in the vineyards, the different soil conditions, etc. The herbicide in the series of fruits or vines becomes up to 60cm allowable width for each passage. The machine has no reset system because the burners are placed at a distance of about 30cm. from the center of the row. The flame is the one that directly covers the area where the operation is needed, it is understood that the … of the plants is covered. The machine is made by the required ventilation that allows to control the working condition of the flame produced by the burners. The fuel used by the burners is gas from two 25 kg cylinders each. The bottles are placed in a special case with autonomous heating. The fuel is supplied to the burners through two central electronic systems, one of which is located on the edge of the machine while the other is located near the driver’s seat with a magnet. The control and security systems can detect any malfunction in the operation of the machine and intervene automatically even if the user is not present.

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Various moments and examples of ecological herbicide:

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