Davide & Luigi Volpi Spa manufactures a complete range of equipment for gardening, nurseries, horticulture and industrial use: unsurpassed products for reliability, durability, aesthetic value and especially for being very user friendly.

Davide e Luigi Volpi Spa was founded in 1879 for the production of manual knapsack. Over the years the range of products has become more complete adding compression sprayers, manual and electric dusters, micronizers, powder bellows and electronic knapsack sprayers.

All phases, from design to testing, are performed inside the company and every operation of the production cycle is followed meticulously in accordance with procedures established and guaranteed by the Quality Certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The continuous improvement in process and technology allowed Volpi to remain a leader of the market attaining high levels of quality and a high degree of reliability of products.

The Volpi Professional Line, distinguished by the brand VOLPI ORIGINALE , is the best known. This is the most complete line which includes a wide range of articles, both manual and electric, suitable for the most demanding consumer and for anyone who seeks a professional product for frequent high-performance use and reliable in time.

The Home & Hobby GREEN FOX Line, characterised by the four-leaf clover represents another line of products similar to the Volpi Originale line. Can be used for many different applications based upon needs. This line bears the same quality label “produced by Davide e Luigi Volpi S.p.A.”

The VolpiTech Industrial Line is a special range of products developed in white colour, with special FPM gaskets particularly suitable for chemical solutions. This line of sprayers is used in construction, in the field, for pest control and for cleaning or industrial applications of different types.

With their wide range of products Volpi is capable of satisfying any request of our present and/or future customer.


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