The Verzellesi S.r.l. is a company founded in 1973, by the passion and the commitment of Valter, Gianni and Ivo Verzellesi, three brothers who started together a small handicraft business.

Soon a new direction was started in the field of tanks for agricultural use.It was the beginning of an experience that continues still today.
Initially it began with a third party production of customized tanks for various companies in the sprayers sector , but soon after began the development of an own brand that the Verzellesi S.r.l. started to sell directly in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

Verzellesi’s brand began at this point to be known as a synonym of quality, expertise, attention to customer needs and passion for the product.

Since 1994 has been added to the fiberglass manufacturing (decommissioned from the 2014) also the rotational molding technology, innovative technique that has allowed the company to take another major step forward for a further expansion of its market.

Thanks to its manufacturing philosophy and know-how accumulated over time, the success of the Verzellesi’s brand has allowed the company to gradually expand its range of products and, at the same time, the production capacity.

Quality and innovation represent the spirit of all business decisions.
While an active program of research and development focuses on new products, technological innovations and respect for the environment, the study of new production processes, the development of cutting-edge design solutions and the use of new materials allow to constantly improve efficiency, reliability, and maintenance of all Verzellesi’s products.

In a market increasingly difficult and selective, which we know from over forty years, we offer more and more commitment for innovation, for customer service and for the continuous research for the highest quality of our products.

The company has always been family owned and it’s brilliantly passing the generational change to guarantee the continuity of the company for the future.


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