JANTSA A.S., was established in Atca (Turkey) in 1977 & today is Turkey’s largest wheel manufacturer, and one of the biggest companies operating in this field in Europe.

JANTSA is one of the leading companies in the world in respect of variety of product , shortest production lead times and development of new products.

JANTSA manufacturers over 200 sizes in more than 3000 different models of wheels. Annual production capacity of the company is 1.800.000 wheels, with approximately 75% being exported to over 80 countries all over the world.

Constant evolvement of JANTSA is guaranteed by on-going investment in their Production Processes, Quality Control, Research and Development activities and in our Human Resources.

Road safety in many respects is dependent on quality of the wheel. Therefore JANTSA gives top priority to quality assurance of its products at every stage of production. They have a Quality Management System which is implemented throughout our processes. Finished products are regularly tested at independent laboratories, by international quality control organizations and during in-field performance tests by their customers.

JANTSA is able to develop and put new products into production in the shortest time, utilizing a combination of automated and manual production processes supported by their in-house tooling shop. At every step of production the JANTSA team is focused on manufacturing wheels to the highest quality standard whilst maximizing efficiency, respecting the environment & economically using resources. All production facilities of JANTSA have passed environmental management certification approved by ISO 14001 Standard.

The main purpose of JANTSA has always been and will always be to satisfy the expectations and requirements of their customers from all over the world in respect of quality, variety, service and price.


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