Since 1959, the year the company was founded in Reggio Emilia, Italy, comet has received and received the confidence of all those customers who have longed for ambitious projects. , in the following decades, he began to specialize in other fields.

Today Comet operates in three key areas, two specialized in components and one in finished products: Agriculture, Industry and Cleaning.

Low, medium and high pressure pumps, membrane and centrifugal pumps: this is the range of agriculture departments that offer spray equipment manufacturers. The quality and durability of the pumps is an acknowledged advantage that has made Comet a world leader in this field for many years.

The industry product range consists of high-pressure piston pumps used in many fields, from car wash and road cleaning systems to standard industrial and urban cleaning applications, so that customers can find the right solutions for all their needs.

However, the company is not limited to spare parts. The cleaning sector comprises a wide range of high-pressure, hot and cold water washers, which meet customer requirements and refer to both domestic and professional use. This range of products has recently been expanded with the introduction of two new lines, vacuum cleaners and tumble dryers, introducing a full range of products for the entire cleaning sector, both semi-professional and professional.

The constant collaboration of major companies allows it to expand into complementary sectors, making it one of the most integrated companies in the field of compressed water technology worldwide.

Today Comet represents the best the market can offer, mainly because of the wide range of products and services available – from modern technologies applied to low-purity pumps to high-pressure water pumps. This has been achieved thanks to in-house development and the acquisition of several large companies in the field both nationally and internationally.


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