BENZI was founded in 1955 to manufacture agricultural PTO drive shafts. Its name comes from the company’s original founders: Mr. Rolando Benzi and his wife Mrs. Nunzia di Terlizzi. In the 60’s the company was mainly dedicated to the Italian market and to the development of the product range.

In the late 70s the company began introducing its products into foreign countries in Europe as well in N.America and Australia. Throughout the 80’s the company strategies mainly concentrated on the constant development of the product range , and on setting up an international commercial network capable of competing on a world-wide scale. Major investments were and are constantly made in order to optimize the production and the quality of our products and to improve the customer service.

In 1999 our gearbox division REDUCO srl was set up for the production of Agricultural gearboxes.Since then REDUCO engineered , desgined and produced a complete range of standard & customized gearboxes which as of today is still in constant development ; Our gearboxes have been designed & tested to meet the most selective OEM customer requirements.

Nowadays BENZI exports its products to more than 50 countries world-wide through a large authorized importers & dealers network. As of today we are certanly among the world leaders for engineering , producing and commercializing agricultural PTO drive shafts.


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