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🦼Modern agriculture is becoming more and more professional while presenting increasing demands on machinery and their operators. The driver’s seats from PROMEX KECHIDIS provide optimal comfort when sitting and are easy to use in the application. A wide range of Tractor – Machinery seats is available, patented designs and styles, with incredible quality and good prices !! Our company has ISO 9001: 2015 certification setting its high quality products with seats of type approval in accordance with EU rules 🦼
Discover the tractor seats with arm of the ECOSTAR 110 series with the assigned characteristics:
➡️Suspension: Engineering.
➡️Sliding base: front and rear. 150mm adjustment
➡️Suspension size: 80-100mm (Spring pair & hydraulic shock absorber).
➡️Weight adjustment: 50-120kg.
➡️Adjustment angle: Adjust 5 positions.
Also discover the Tractor seats with STplus TV2LX series air suspension with the following characteristics:
➡️Suspension: AIR system with integrated 12V / 24V compressor.
➡️Συρόμενη βάση: εμπρός και πίσω. Ρύθμιση 105mm / 85mm (Αύξηση 15mm).
➡️Sliding base: front and rear. 105mm / 85mm adjustment (15mm increase).
➡️Height adjustment: 60mm
➡️Weight adjustment: 50-130kg.
➡️Back adjustment. : Back 30 ° | 85 ° front.
➡️Lumbar adjustment (Waist): Mechanical.
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