“Ecological investment in pellet processing”

♨️ The pellet & biomass production machines of PROMEX KECHIDIS have features of the latest technology. They are made of high quality steel alloy and have 3 to 4 times longer life than common materials. They are distinguished for their easy & stable operation, efficiency and low operating noise.

They comply with the CE safety regulations of the European Union and comply with the required standards to ensure the most economical production, but also the best quality Pellets for amateur use.

♨️ The series of pellet production machines of PROMEX KECHIDIS offer quality production of pellets, without any additional material, making them ideal for individual amateur use.

✔️They have advantages such as:

➡️Easy maintenance
➡️High efficiency & safety
➡️Extended lifespan
➡️Quality construction materials
➡️Low noise level
➡️Electronic control & autonomy
➡️Easy & stable operation
➡️Quality pellet production
➡️Certification with European CE marking

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