“Navigation in the digital world”


🌐The implementation of new electronic services and the improvement of the old ones is a daily activity of PROMEX KECHIDIS. Take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital applications through a multitude of functions to satisfy all your possible needs.
The transfer of digital information to electronic accounts can be done by any kind of electronic device & navigation through any compatible application.

🌐Simplify your daily life directly through the following services:
🔷Website www.promex.gr: real time live chat, subscription to the Newsletter, real time retail prices, complete list of products, retail orders.
🔷Corporate viber: direct written communication with company representatives to solve problems.
🔷Corporate messenger: direct written communication with company representatives for problem solving.
🔷B2B platform http://b2b.promex.gr/ (Affiliate Portal): real time wholesale prices, management of all orders (either by phone or through the platform), return management, updating customer financial status
🔷Viber Community: subscribe for relevant product & news updates at /> https://bit.ly/3phjmkk
🔷Social media: subscribe to all social media for notifications. updates & instant messaging via messenger at any time & moment.
🔷Email: real time update of executed orders, electronic invoicing, and any kind of information on new products-services & prices.

You now adopt an upgraded & sophisticated way of communicating with partners-customers with attributed benefits such as:
☑️Immediate and guaranteed customer information (real time).
☑️Simplification of transaction procedures Instant storage of files on the device, wherever it is located allowing the consultation & reuse of information.
☑️Security of personal data and information systems in accordance with the applicable provisions (L.2472 / 1997).
☑️Reliability of all transactions with confirmation of receipt in all messages & transactions.
☑️Remote technical support with remote communication applications
☑️Save time and labor costs

For more information please contact us:
🌐Website & Live Chat: https://www.promex.gr
📧 Sales: sales@promex.gr
📧 Marketing: marketing@promex.gr
☎️ +30 2310 755400
📞Viber: 6949 445658

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