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☢️ The period we are continuously experience in our daily lives is extremely demanding in terms of disinfection for the safety and health of all of us. Thus, we are in an extended state of immediate solution to the daily problems that arise. At Promex Kechidis we provide solutions for professional and non-professional work. Each product is made with high quality materials and techniques especially for your antimicrobial and disinfectant work. Disinfection sprayers include innovative, renewed and patented technologies offering the highest productivity in all cleaning tasks from the most demanding to the everyday ones. They become ideal for all types of disinfection of fences, outdoor areas, parks, etc. and are provided with adjustable flow.

✅The correct solution on sprayers with effective characteristics such as:

➡️Telescopic tube with sealing system
➡️Adjustable launchers ️ ️
➡️Same technology as professional use on the medical field
➡️Safe for electronic devices
➡️High speed & productivity
➡️Maximum quality
➡️Low cost

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