Returning dynamically to the agricultural industry and declaring its presence with a resounding comeback, PATERLINI invests in innovation, commits itself to the factor of continuous growth, remaining at a high point of reference.

PATERLINI specializes in pruning, having a wide range of materials suitable for each case, such as pruning plants, vines and trees.

PATERLINI pruning products are ergonomic, durable & reliable. They are manufactured according to the safety and reliability standards set by the EU regulations and are based on simple and at the same time fast maintenance, thus ensuring excellent pruning performances.

Paterlini offers a wide range of air products such as:

Arboricultural shears
Viticultural shears
➡Saws ️
➡Pneumatic Lopper
Fixed and collapsible extensions

More details about the products: https://bit.ly/3D1WVGO

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For more information please contact us:

🧰 Website & Live Chat: https://www.promex.gr
📧 Sales: sales@promex.gr
📧 Marketing: marketing@promex.gr
☎️ +30 2310 755400
📞Viber: 6949 445658


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