Dominant in pumps and cleaning systems

COMET, having 60 years of experience in the agricultural sector, manufacturing pumps for spray systems, has redeemed the trust of its customers around the world, expanding to other areas. Targeting the bar higher and higher, it is establishing itself as one of the most integrated companies in the world in technological innovations.

Nowadays, COMET operates in three key areas:


The range of the agricultural sector includes low & high pressure pumps which offer advantages of both quality and durability.


The cleaning & disinfection department which includes a wide range of high pressure washers for hot & cold water respectively, covering the widest range of requirements of different customers and referring to both domestic and professional use.


The product range of the industry finds application in many areas from car wash systems to standard industrial and urban cleaning applications.

With this collaboration, PROMEX KECHIDIS strengthens the available choices of its products, promoting a large scale range with a renowned manufacturer that looks to the future with continuous progress, delivering excellent quality with the meticulous craftsmanship that distinguishes Italian design.
The quality of the products is enhanced and its offered services are strengthened such as:

  • Consulting support for innovative and integrated solutions to the professional
  • Immediate availability in genuine spare parts
  • Technical customer support throughout the partnership

As a commercial representative in the Greek market, PROMEX KECHIDIS, faithful to its vision to support innovative and integrated solutions to the professional, follows modern technological developments and sets new steps in the agricultural sector, being the cornerstone of a growing cooperation.


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