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Modern plant protection & spraying does much more than just use environmentally friendly products. Each drop of the spray liquid should be applied as accurately as possible on each surface while the coating should be as uniform as possible providing more effective protection to the crops.
Nowadays, based on the strict evaluation criteria of the spray technology, the nozzles bring such a level of accuracy that no one a few years ago would have thought possible, thus placing the ASJ worthy of meeting this challenge with great zeal.

ASJ (a company belonging to the ARAG group) was founded on the basis of twenty years of experience gained in the spray market, as one of the most well-known nozzle manufacturers.
It is deeply committed to the research, design and manufacture of high quality plastic & ceramic nozzles that ensure long life & high reliability, thanks to the use of advanced technologies and deep knowledge in this field.

ASJ nozzles are suitable for multiple crops, in addition they cover a wide range of applications to meet high requirements such as:

♦ Suitable for industrial applications
♦ Suitable for environmental hygiene
♦ Specially made for space disinfection

There are many parameters that characterize them such as:

🩸 The shape of the spray and the material:
Broom nozzles
Double broom nozzles
Broom nozzles suitable for air
Ceramic broom nozzles
Ceramic broom nozzles side
Ceramic umbrella nozzles
Umbrella nozzles on the side
Umbrella nozzles with helix

🩸 The building material:
Made of molded polymer plastic (acetyl resin), ensuring high chemical stability and extremely long life

The spray on all ASJ nozzles is exactly the same, through extensive effort to achieve complete similarity. The complete quality control is made from the receipt of the material until the final design of the product, thus ensuring the continuous quality. Of course, the company has been certified according to ENAMA & ENTAM standards to ensure absolute accuracy, as well as performance throughout production.

As a commercial representative in the Greek market, PROMEX KECHIDIS, based on a continuous exchange of know-how, promotes agricultural solutions in a wide range of options and combinations for the spraying equipment, based on the cultivation and the required sprays. Enhances the quality of its products which are built from widely tested materials as they guarantee effective and safe performance.

Complete systems in this category can be found in the extended range of ASJ spray nozzles by following the link below: ⇓


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