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520 million installment for contract farming, precision instruments

A new liquidity channel opens in the summer to finance agri-food businesses, through a 520m-euro fund that will promote investment in the digitization of agricultural holdings, the introduction of precision farming practices and the development of contract farming networks.

This is the first of a series of investment projects unlocked by the Recovery Fund, as announced earlier this week by EU Finance Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni in a speech to Delphi Forum development, the first disbursement is placed next July.

On the timetable, the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, at the Delphi Economic Forum.

He clarified that in the second half of June, Greece’s proposals will be officially submitted to the European Council for approval, while this first pre-financing will concern 13% of the total amount for each country. This means that Greece is expected to receive about 4 billion euros.

According to what has become known at the moment, the program for the strengthening of the agri-food sector is part of a package with a total budget of 1.8 billion euros, which focuses specifically on small and medium-sized enterprises. These programs will run until the end of the year from the Recovery Fund.

This 520 million program will promote precision-oriented agriculture and will operate on the basis of the co-financing model. The average subsidy will be around 50%, while according to what has become known, collaborations will be “premiumed” both between producers and between processing companies and farmers, through contract farming.

There is another third program that concerns the diversification of the tourism product with a budget of 260 million euros. In this action there is room for interventions in the field of mountain tourism and agritourism among other models.

It is worth noting that the European Commissioner, Paolo Gentiloni described the Greek proposals as interesting, as they combine grants and loans that will bring liquidity, while at the same time supporting employment and sectors such as digital and green transition.

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