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📜 Professional Consulting & Technical Support aims to investigate and clarify the applications, prospects and possible solutions related to problem solving for all clients. It can also be used to plan and plan actions for the benefit of the client, once the desired goals have been clarified.
According to the basic approach (model), professional counseling is developed on three axes-stages:
  1. Understanding needs & problem management.
  2. Development of knowledge and technical support for all products, providing the appropriate tools and certifications.
  3. Proper & continuous information on new technological innovations and products.
📜 PROMEX KECHIDIS responds immediately to your needs, providing all the necessary product information through our specialized and well-trained staff. Having a complete database, which is constantly updated, we implement technical support with all available files & information on all products. In addition, the technological background and infrastructure of our company, as well as the direct cooperation with the research and development departments of our suppliers, aim at constantly informing our customers about the developments in the area.

Guided by technology and our team, we work to offer you fast and reliable services such as:

💠Product consulting by trained professionals.

💠Technical advice and support (availability of technical characteristics, technical blueprints, certifications, etc.) for all products.

💠Continuous information on new technological applications and products.

🎥In a further analysis in the following video, the technical support team of PROMEX KECHIDIS presents you the basic maintenance method in the kamikaze Volpi pruning scissors & more specifically in the electric pruning scissor KV600, which is performed on a weekly basis, thus making it possible to manage it by the user, easily & quickly.
Regarding the annual maintenance of the pruning scissors, this is done either by Promex or by our respective partners under the guidance of our company.


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